Friday, July 4, 2008

A New Class Begins

Today is Friday, the 4th of July and a new class begins on Monday the 7th. I received access to the course materials today and began perusing the contents. Early access to the materials permits the student to form a completion strategy before being thrust into the actual day-to-day routine. My method of preparation comprises the following:

  • Login to the class to ensure availability; any problems gaining access would prompt an immediate contact with learner support

  • Read all email and announcements posted by the professor to determine specific course requirements and the professor’s preferences

  • Browse the assignments and discussion questions to determine the course load

  • Read the syllabus for an overview of the course

  • Print the course calendar to reinforce due dates for DQ postings and assignments

This class will require the completion of at least three Discussion questions and one assignment per week and a course project will start in the second week to be completed by the end of the course. Comparing this course with the previous 26 I have taken in my online academic career shows this to be a relatively heavy class load.

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