Friday, January 25, 2008

The Move to Graduate School

Deciding to continue your education beyond an undergraduate degree can most certainly be difficult for a person of advanced years. My decision was actually made before I completed work on my undergraduate degree. Making the decision to continue on to graduate school was a natural one to continue my quest for knowledge. The time spent working on my Bachelor of Science demonstrated that you could fill volumes with what I do not know; I wish to shorten the length of those volumes.

I am continuing my education using the online format once again. My first class was in September and I am now into my second quarter. The work load is heavier than at Phoenix but that is to be expected in a graduate program. I am attending Capella University on a full time basis but will drop back to half time in the summer. I have decided not to rush my studies in the pursuite of a MS and be fair to my wife and daughter. Time management is a real ordeal and I must achieve ballance once again.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

How I Started

While I was a network engineer I learned that my director was pursuing a MBA through the University of Phoenix. I had answered some advertisements from some online universities and spoke to a few enrollment counselors. The University of Phoenix was the first university I found with a program that fit my needs. I would, however, recommend doing a little more research than I did in the beginning because there are more institutions offering online programs than I initially realized.

When I made my decision I worked with an Admissions Counselor who helped me through the application process. I later worked with an Academic Advisor to complete the process of transferring credits from prior coursework at other institutions. When I started the process with the UoP, I was intending to begin classes in the fall term. To my surprise, I started my first class less than one week after starting the application process. Looking back I think I should have waited until I was certain of the status of my financial aid application.