Saturday, June 21, 2008

Journal Entry: Saturday June 21, 2008

Today is the 23rd anniversary of my 30th birthday and I have had an easy-going day, for a change.

I have now completed six of the twelve required classes for my MSIT program. I elected to take two extra classes to receive a certification from the NSA so at the end of next quarter I will have completed half the program. I am also planning to petition for credit for another course that is required for the NSA certification. Network Technologies has been my life for about the last 15 years so the petition should be granted.

Class ended last Friday at 6PM and I submitted my final two projects 15 minutes before the published deadline but I am still waiting for the grades for those projects. All other grades have posted but those projects are worth 35% of the course final grade. I can afford to loose five points on each project and still receive an A for the class. This is the longest I have waited for a grade since I started graduate school.

I changed my program completion plan to drop to half time beginning this next quarter. Working full time, participating in a full time class schedule, and raising an eight-year-old daughter is just too much of a burden. This will push my graduation date up to the winter of 2010.